Meet our Staff and Certified Collectors

Providing the highest quality drug and alcohol services available

Barbara, the owner of S.A.F.E. Drug & Alcohol Testing, has been managing and running drug testing facilities, as well as other companies for close to 20 years.

Tricia has been working in the Drug testing industry for more than 22 years. She has run several drug testing and collection facilities along with being an MRO's assistant. As well, she is a certified Lifeloc provisional Breath Alcohol Testing Trainer & a certified DOT sample collections trainer. Tricia knows all the Federal and State Regulations as well as anybody in the industry. She will always be able to answer your questions, or find the correct one.

All of our collectors go through a vigourous training period on proper sample collections including urine samples, Breath Alcohol Testing, Hair samples, & Mouth Swabs.

All DOT (RED BOOK) and Texas State safe workplace rules and regulations are followed precisly during every collection.